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Remote learning with Wakelet

To support our educator community with remote learning, we’ve created an area that includes our most useful resources. We want to make it easy for you to support your students and their families whilst working from home.

Getting started with Wakelet

Create a collection

In your home area, just click the “create a new collection” button. Give your collection a name, and add a cover image and description.

Add some content!

You can now add any type of content to your new collection - just copy and paste links or use our integrations in the “+” bar. You can add videos, tweets, articles, notes, text, PDF’s, Flipgrid Videos, and much more!

Share your collection

You can share your collection in several ways. Once you’ve made your collection public or unlisted, click save, then click the share button. From here you can share via a link, QR Code, Microsoft Teams, Google Classrooms or Remind.

Collaborate with your students!

We've made it easier than ever for students to collaborate with you and each other on Wakelet collections. Here's how to use our collaboration feature!

Create your collection

This can be an assignment, a reflection board, or anything else you can think of!

Invite collaborators!

Get a shareable link or code by click the ‘Contributors’ button. Anyone can access and contribute to the collection, even without a Wakelet account! If you’re sharing the unique code, your students can head to wakelet.com, and click on the ‘Enter Code’ button to join the collection.

Collaborate together!

Students add content like articles, videos, notes and anything else. This is great for assignments, group projects, reflection boards, book reviews, work submission, backchannel chats and much more!

Using Wakelet for remote learning

Here a few examples of great ways you can use Wakelet for remote learning during school closures.

Interactive lesson plans
Backchannels & reflection boards
Student Assignments
Student choice boards
Resources for students
Resources for colleagues
Resources for parents

The Community Showcase!

If you want to see some awesome examples of Wakelet enhancing remote learning, just head to the Community Showcase page. We’ll be updating this with fresh content so that all your ideas are shared regularly!

Visit the Showcase

We also have an App and Browser Extension!

Wakelet Browser Extension

Save links, articles, videos, tweets and more with two clicks. Organize content without leaving your browser tab.

Wakelet Mobile Apps

Use Wakelet whenever you like, wherever you are with our mobile app. Discover personalized content from around the world.